24 May 2016

The Look For Less: Espadrille Wedge + A Review of the Two

I am so excited to share with you today my first look for less review! I have bought and tried out both pairs of espadrilles in two totally different price points. The designer dupe for both of these are the Chloe 'Isa' Espadrille Wedge Sandal that will cost you $625. So I'm sorry I could test those babies out for you but I cannot justify paying that much for a shoe that is trendy. But I am reviewing the mid-price Marc Fisher LTD. 'Adalyn' Espadrille Wedge Sandal and budget friendly Montego Bay Club from Payless Serefina High Wedge Sling. This style of espadrille has been seen on just about every fashion blogger I follow. For more inspiration on how to style them click here or here.

Marc fisher ltd.

Color options: Natural, Black, Dark BlueRed IkatOrange
Price: $96-$160 depending on color | Similar options: hereherehere and here

FIT: I would say they run true to size. I ordered the last pair they had in the natural color and it was a size 10 (I'm usually a size 9.5), they work well, just a little big, but still functional. 

COMFORT: I have already worn these many times and can tell you they are extremely comfortable especially for a taller heel. Even though they are about a 5inch heel height it is about a 2.5inch platform so it feels like nothing. The front leather/suede part is comfortable and not stiff. Overall very comfortable to walk around in all day and are also easy to walk in.

QUALITY: For the price I paid for them they better be good quality and they are! I bought them from Zappos because they offer a 365 day return policy (and they were the last pair I could find on the internet in the natural color) so if I had any problems I could easily get my money back. The leather is really nice and the shoes are still looking in tip top shape after a couple of wear. The suede is also look brand new.

PRICE: These were a splurge for me for sure! It kind of was an impulse buy. I had been eyeing them for a couple of weeks but just couldn't get myself to buy them, they are more of a trendier thing to have in my closet and I didn't exactly know how I felt about the heel height. But when I decided to test them out, they were sold out on Nordstrom's site (I usually shop there because of free shipping and free returns. They also offer price matching as well as price adjustments) so I searched and searched for a 9.5 in the natural color and actually found them on a shoe site but were on backorder till July. This was an impulse buy people I didn't have time to wait till July. So I found them in a 10 in the natural and hit buy! 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Even though the price is pretty high they look identical to the designer Chloe pair for a fraction of the price. The quality seems to match the price so they are worth the splurge so far. I love the suede and leather combo, plus the chunky ankle strap with a gold buckle. I would highly recommend this pair if you know you will wear them at least once a week to get your moneys worth out of them. The natural color will match with everything (that why you see me in them all the time) so as long as you feel comfortable with the height I say go for it! 

How I Styled Them: hereherehere, and here

Montego bay club

Montego Bay Club Serefina High Wedge Sling
Color options: CognacNavy/White
Price: $18 | Similar options: hereherehere and here

FIT: I ordered the 9.5 in the regular width. When I first put them on the wide pleather part was super tight on my feet, like super uncomfortable but only on my right foot. I thought I should have sized up to a 10, but after I wore them for a day I didn't feel the tightness anymore. So I think the pleather will stretch a little. So it is hard for me to tell you what to order, but I think you should try out you normal size to see if that would work. If you have wider feet, order a half size up.

COMFORT: These are just you standard wedge, they don't hurt to walk in, but they are extremely nice to be in all day. I haven't worn these to work so I can't be 100% certain they won't hurt my feet at some point, but they do work for the most part. They aren't to heavy of a shoe and the pleather part is soft and doesn't dig in anywhere.

QUALITY: The quality isn't the best, but for the price and the fact they are pleather they are pretty great. They have aren't falling apart after a couple of wears being outside. But there are some creases in the pleather already so I don't really like that. I do think the cognac color is right on point and matches my other cognac accessories perfectly! For the price I think the quality is pretty great, but probably only a shoe you will have for a season before them being ruined if you do end up wearing them often.

PRICE: You can not beat the price, $18 for shoes!? I actually got mine for $15 because of a coupon so I would recommend checking online for one if you do decide to order. I have never really bought shoes from Payless before but they seem to have a lot of trendier shoes so I may have to give them a second go due to their amazing low prices!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Because this is more of a trendier price to have I love that I can find a designer dupe that is similar for under $20 so I don't feel guilty about spending the money and I also don't feel like I need to wear them all the time to get my moneys worth. They are pretty nice shoes especially for the price and I love the overall design that is in all pleather instead of suede/leather like the first pair I reviewed. Up close they may not look that great but wearing them you cannot tell that they only cost you $18. I would highly try giving these a go, plus just like the Marc Fisher pair, they will go with just about anything in your closet!

How I Styled Them: here and here

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