17 May 2016

The 70s Continue

Oh hey, it's me Maddy. Long time no talk. Things have really gotten busy with school these days, like that is basically all I do besides workings. Eric and I ended up getting the gym memberships and have been going everyday, I also have been keeping up with my BBG workouts so I feel like I have no time to head outside and snap some photos, but I promise, I am trying to fit in more time for that! 

I actually scored this dress for $11 a couple of weekends ago and was so excited because it is really great quality and totally is something Madewell would sell. I paired my current favorite wedges that go with everything and there you have it! A super easy look. I know the shoes are a bit expensive, but I have a fun look for less review/ comparison post coming soon! I cannot wait to share with you! 

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