21 April 2017

Poppy Red

Old Navy Heavy-Knit Shift Dress for Women Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Feed Bag J.Crew  Sandals (similar here & here) Ray-Ban 'Original Aviator' 58mm Sunglasses Michael Kors 'Large Lexington' Chronograph Bracelet Watch, 45mm

Finally made it to Friday! It's been a long week especially when I have been making myself work out every day. Like mentions in Wednesday's post, I started BBG again and man does it burn. My abs are still sore from Tuesday's workout. I also haven't eaten out this week either which is a miracle since that is seriously my weakness since it is quick and easy. School also is coming to a close for the semester so I am prepping for finals next week! 

Today is a pretty busy one, I have a lot of errands to run so I am probably going to head out and get those done early in the day. The mall is calling my name and of course Target! I also think I am going to stop at Trader Joe's and pick up some healthy (or not so healthy) snacks. 

19 April 2017

Stripes in Paradise

This maybe one of my favorite looks I have worn so far this year. Now, I know it is nowhere near shorts weather but these were taken back in Palm Beach where it is totally shorts weather all the time. I am also pretty sure that the top, shorts, and shoes are all under or around $30 a piece which is a steal! I am trying to find more pieces I really love for an affordable price which can be difficult sometimes. I just got a ton of packages in yesterday with shoes, jeans and some tops but nothing seems to fit or look good. Such a disappointment sometimes. 

In other news, I started doing my BBG workout again well using my gym membership that I have been paying for and not going to. I am super sore tonight which is the worst and makes me never want to workout again, but I know I need too especially for my health and all the terrible food I have been eating lately. I am obsessed with those chocolate chip Frappes at McDonald's which probably have enough calories and fats in it to last me a week. But they are just so good. So this week I am trying to find healthier options for my unhealthy past choices. 

17 April 2017

Bookworm: April Book Recommendations

LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE: This was a very popular read last summer and I finally got around to reading it when I went on my Dominican Republic trip back in November. I read most of it, but when I returned home, I never had a chance to finish it till recently. I picked this book because I love anything written by Gillian Flynn and people said that if you like Gone Girl, you'd most likely like this one. Starting the book I had a feeling that something big was going to happen, just like in Gillian Flynn's books and it was a quick page turner. The main character Ani FaNelli is interesting, plus the plot was unexpected. It turned out completely different than I had expected from the beginning but also different than other books I have read in the past. I didn't really like the ending of the book, felt like it was rushed and not very creative. But, overall I would recommend this book.
SHARP OBJECTS: This by far is my favorite book. This is a quick read because you won't be able to put the book down. Gillian Flynn, in my opinion, is a very good writer and story teller and this was the first book I read by her. I love psychological thrillers and this one was a perfect read. The book has a lot of twist and turns, when you think you know who did it, you are soon to discover you were wrong. This is a short, tense book you won't forget, highly recommend this book if you're into the psychological thriller category.
DARK PLACES: Another one by Gillian Flynn. I read this right after I read Sharp Objects since I couldn't get enough of it. I liked the way each chapter went from the past to the present trying to discover what really happened on the night that Libby Day's family was slaughtered. 25 years after what happened, Libby Day starts to question everything she has known and starts looking for answers. The story has a lot of layers, but if you like Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, you'll like this one. 
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: This was a really quick and easy read. The story was interesting, but it wasn't my favorite. The story is about how a woman meets her prince charming, but as soon as they get married things changed and she is basically held captive. It was interesting for sure and kept me engaged the whole time, I just think there are better books out there to read. 
THE PASSENGER: I am so terrible at these reviews because I seriously just say that every book was my favorite, but this one was so different than the others I read, it's about a women that have been on the run for almost a decade, changing identities and traveling around doing everything she can to stay under the radar and hope her past doesn't catch up to her. I loved this book so much, it was a very quick read and was a great story, different than anything else I have read in the past. I loved how the ending all came together and it was like a puzzle had been solved. I highly recommend this book! 


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