30 June 2017

Bow Back

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, I thought this was a perfect outfit to get you inspired. It is super simple (and affordable) but isn't too crazy. Plus you can totally wear this outfit, not in July and still rock it. Right now my cork sandals are $22! They run true to size and have a low heel. They also come in black, but the denim color is right on trend!

No big plans for the weekend besides working and doing school work. I am taking summer classes and the second session started this past week, so that has kept me really busy. I also have been trying to save as much money as possible because in a short few weeks the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going to start and I already know there will be a ton of things on my wish list. 

28 June 2017

The Look for Less: Lace-up Sandals + A Review of the Two

Back at it again with a look for less review! You can see my last look for less review of the popular Marc Fisher Espadrille Wedges here! Today I am reviewing the mid-price Steve Madden 'RIZZAA' Ankle Strap Sandal and the budget friendly Merona from Target 'Matilda' Lace Up Heeled Quarter Strap Sandals. Both I have bought and tried out over the last few month to give an in-depth review of these two almost identical sandals and two different price points. This style has been around for the past couple of seasons and will most likely be sticking around.  For more inspiration on how to style them click here & here.

Steve madden
'rizzaA' ankle strap SANDAL
Price: $79.95  | Other places to buy: here & here

FIT: These ran a half size too big on me, so I ordered a 9 (I'm usually a size 9.5). The thing I really liked about these was they didn't cut my toes off since the bottom strap was a little wider than usual. I have a slightly wide foot so sometimes my toes get cut off and looked squished.

COMFORT: These are super comfortable with a low heel of 2 inches. I have already worn these many times and can tell you they are extremely comfortable and the straps aren't digging into your leg. I like the fact that you can change how you tie the laces, sometimes I will tie them in the front and make a knot, or wrap them in the back and make a bow. There are just a lot of options with them. They also have a lightly padded footbed

QUALITY: I would say the quality is very nice especially since they are made of suede and have the wood heel. I have a feeling even after wearing them non-stop, they will still look brand new in a couple of years. I think the price matches quality, for a little extra than the nonsuede kind, you are getting a pair of shoes looks great and will last. I bought this pair after I bought the Target version of them.

PRICE: So compared to some other kinds of shoes these are pretty affordable at $80, but can be a splurge if you don't think you will get much wear out of them. I got mine on a major sale (around $40) that's why I have two of the same style of shoe. If you have $80 to drop on a pair of shoes, I would say go for it! If not, wait till they go on sale or buy the cheaper option below.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I would highly recommend these, they are comfortable for people with a slightly wider foot, great quality, and a reasonable price. These shoes literally go with everything and are very flattering on your foot. I love that you can change the way you tie them to change the way they look. The low heel makes them easy to walk in or be on your feet all day and the color is the perfect cognac. I also bought them in black because I love them so much! 

How I Styled Them: here

'matilda' lace up heeled quarter strap sandals
Color options: Cognac
Price: $27.99 | Similar options: here here

FIT: I picked these up in the store and bought them in a 9 after debating between the 9 and 10 (I don't think they had half sizes). I wanted to make sure these fit well and did not slip in the back, that way the ankle straps wouldn't be digging into my leg. If you have a slightly wider foot, the strap on the toe area may not fit your feet, or may hurt them so trying on in the store will help you find the best fit, you might have to go a half size up. 

COMFORT: The heel on these are kind of a rubber material so they are comfortable to stand in, but only after 10 minutes of walking my toes start to hurt. The issue mentioned above is that I have a slightly wide foot so the strap cuts off my pinky toe completely making these shoes only bearable for a few hours max. If you don't have a wide foot, I don't think you would have an issue with them. Also, depending on how I tie them, the right shoe for some reason cuts the back of my leg. 

QUALITY: The quality isn't the best, but for the price, they are pretty great. They haven't fallen apart after a couple of wears being outside so that is a plus. The material does feel fake, but when you wear them, they look great and you can't really tell that the suede is fake and the heel isn't wood. The cognac color is right on point and matches my other cognac accessories perfectly! For the price, I think the quality is pretty great, but probably only a shoe you will have for a season before them being ruined if you do end up wearing them often.

PRICE:  These are pretty average priced for Target shoes, cheaper than a pair at Nordstrom and very affordable. I would recommend till Target has a coupon or a sale and pick them up for an even lower price. The nice thing is that most Target stores still have these fully in stock so you can go and try them on to make sure you like them before buying. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This is a great option if you don't think you will be wearing often. For the price, I don't feel guilty about spending the money and I also don't feel like I need to wear them all the time to get my money worth, plus you can pick them up on your weekly Target run. They are pretty nice shoes especially for the price and I love the overall design. If you have a narrow or normal width foot, these are the pair for you! 

How I Styled Them: here

26 June 2017

Red Bandana

It has been a while since my last post and that's because my blog was getting a face lift! So excited about the new color scheme and logo design, it has been a long awaited process. My goal is to be blog at least 3 times a week, if not more. I want to expand my blog so that it isn't just fashion, but more lifestyle, fitness, reviews, videos and travel. If you have any suggestions on what you want to read, leave me a comment below.

My skirt and shirt are both from LOFT which is always having a different sale, so I got both pieces on major discount. I am so in love with the tank that I ordered it two more colors (red and black) and have worn them way more than I should. They are so comfortable, are longer (cover your butt in leggings) and are a just a great essential to your wardrobe. Lastly, how cute are these lace-up sandals?? I have a fun look for less on those babies coming soon! 


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