12 February 2018

Universal Thread at Target: My Honest Review + Try-On

If you don't already know, Target just came out with a new collection called Universal Thread. I have been looking forward to this new collection because of the prices and how much it looks like Madewell. There was a ton of great options to choose from but I just bought my favorites to try out. I felt a little disappointed after trying everything on, but I think this collection will get better over time. I feel like the shoes, bags, and accessories are amazing, but the clothing items need a little work especially because the fit on most things was weird. Let me know in the comments below if you have bought anything from the collection or have any thoughts about it. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have! 

{My Sizes}
Tops: I usually wear a size 4/6 or small, sometimes medium depending on if I want a looser fit or it to be longer.
Dresses: 4/6 or size small. I will size up to a medium for length. 
Bottoms: Size 6 fits me the best or a 27/28.
Shoes: 9.5 is my true size, but a size 10 fits the better in boots. 
Item: Universal Thread  Women's Tie Front Striped Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt  (Keeping??) 
Sizing: TTS! I ordered the small. 
Thoughts: When I saw this picture I knew I had to have it. It looks like something Madewell would sell and I love the front tie. The front tie style is going to be huge this spring and summer so this was the perfect time to try it out with an affordable top. I really like the way this fits, but I don't know if this is my style. I am going to keep it around to see if I wear it. If I don't wear it in the next 30 days, I will send it back. I highly recommend this, it would also be great for layering under the denim dress pictured below. 
Price: $19.99
Item: Universal Thread  Women's Cross Back Tank Top  (Returning) 
Sizing: TTS. I ordered a medium and felt like it was the perfect fit. If I wanted it tighter the small would have been best.
Thoughts: This is getting returned, but this would have been a better option or any of the other colors. Online it did not look see-through so that is disappointing. I would usually wear a nude or white cami if something was see-through, but this is a cami so I am not going to layer another cami under it haha. Anyways, if I bought any other color it would have worked for the price, but I am not going to waste my time trying to figure that one out. If you want to buy this as an easy staple piece, just don't order the white color. 
Price: $9.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Ruffle Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt (Keeping??) 
Sizing: TTS!  I bought a size small and it fits perfectly.
Thoughts: I love how unique this is and the stripes! I felt like it could be worn on its own and was a great layering piece that could be worn under dresses (see photos of it styled that way below) or with a jacket. The only problem I am having with this is the boxy crop shape. I am not really a fan of cropped tops and in this picture, I am wearing high waisted denim. I think I may keep it, I am still just unsure. 
Price: $17.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's High-Rise Raw Hem Straight Jeans (Returning) 
Sizing: Ran a size large. I ordered a size 6 and felt these were too big in the waist and leg area. 
Thoughts: I hate these pants on me. I was really excited to try out the two-tone stripe side pants that have been a huge trend lately and will be all spring and summer. I thought for the price it would be great to try. They are super unflattering on me and I hate the length. If there was a short option that might have worked better, but they also fit weird in the crotch area. I don't know, all the jeans I tried at Target just didn't work for me. 
Price: $27.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Meena Slip on Sneakers (Exchanging) 
Sizing: Ran a half size too big. I ordered a 9.5 but need a 9. 
Thoughts: $24.99 for shoes is an amazing deal! I loved the color and how they would match with anything. I don't own any slide type shoes so I wanted to give these a go. I highly recommend, especially in the black color. 
Price: $24.99
Item: Universal Thread  Women's Button Front Apron Denim Dress (Returning) 
Sizing: This fits TTS. I ordered a size 6 and it is perfect! 
Thoughts: This reminded me so much of something I would find at Madewell! I thought this one was high quality and worth the $27.99 price tag. I liked that you could layer shirt like I did in the picture, but decided this dress just wasn't for me. Even though I like it right now, I know it would most likely sit in my closet. If I change my mind, I will consider buying it again. If you know you'll wear a denim dress or want to try out this trend, I highly recommend! 
Price: $27.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Button Front Midi Dress (Exchanging) 
Sizing: Ran small. If you have a chest size up one size. Pictured is a size small and although the straps are adjustable, the buttons are pulling.
Thoughts: One of my favorite pieces for the collection. I feel like this is worth the price and is a beautiful one. Even though this isn't my size, I will for sure be exchanging it! I love that the straps are adjustable, it has pockets and is a great linen feeling material. It will look great with a white tee under or a jacket over. I highly recommend this one! 
Price: $27.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Edwina Fashion Boots (Keeping!) 
Sizing: Ran a half size large so size down a half size. I ordered my regular 9.5 but they were huge! The 9's fit me way better but feel a little snug on my right foot width wise. I have worn them around the house and they seem ok. 
Thoughts: I am so in love with these. The price is amazing and they look exactly like this pair but without the $150 price tag. I am so excited to wear these in the spring with white jeans, dresses or skirts. 
Price: $34.99

Not pictured:
So the items below I tried on in store and wanted to share. I didn't take any photos because of the terrible lighting. None of these items came home with me, but I wanted to share how they fit on and my thoughts on each piece. 
Item: Universal Thread Women's V-Neck Stripe Short Sleeve T-Shirt 
Sizing: I tried on the size small and this was huge and boxy! I didn't even bother trying on the xs because I didn't love the shirt that much. 
Thoughts: For this price, this is a great piece to own as an easy item to style. It would look great with pink colored denim and a cardigan.
Price: $12.99
Sizing: TTS. I tried the size small and it fits great.
Thoughts: This is the same shirt as the front tie stripe top above. I thought the white color would be a great option to have but I didn't like this one in person. It was a weird material and also was slightly see through. 
Price: $19.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Tunic Pullover 
Sizing: Ran TTS but could size down if you wanted a tighter fit. I tried the small.
Thoughts: Not me, but I thought it was great for the price. I could see this with shorts or colored denim! 
Price: $24.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's High-Rise Raw Hem Skinny Jeans 
Sizing: TTS? The size 6 worked, but a 4 might have been better. The regular length on these was good. I am 5'5. I think online you can order different lengths.  
Thoughts: I really wanted to love these because they would have saved me a fortune. I have been looking for a pair of colored denim like this everywhere but after trying them on they fit really weird and the color pink looked like I was nude against my skin tone. Like I mentioned above, Target jeans just fit me weird, especially in the crotch area. 
Price: $27.99
Sizing: Ran a half size large so size down a half size. I ordered my regular 9.5 but they were huge! The 9's fit me way better but feel a little snug on my right foot width wise. I have worn them around the house and they seem ok. 
Thoughts: This was another pair I really wanted to love but they just didn't look good on. They reminded me of Khloe Kardashians clothing line Good American with the destruction at the bottom. They were very cropped on me so they were awkward. If they were length option I might consider trying them out, because the price is awesome and so is the color. 
Price: $24.99
Item: Universal Thread Women's Rowan Small Tote Bag
Thoughts: I did not buy this bag simply because I already own the Madewell version in the pink suede. This bag is an exact replica and for the price, I felt like it was worth it. It comes in 5 different colors and I have thought about buying the green color, but I don't need it right now. I highly recommend this bag! 
Price: $24.99


  1. Target is killin' it with these new lines! I've seen a lot of cute stuff recently!

  2. I would definitely say that dress you are keeping is my fave, along with those boots! Great dupe, and great prices!

    cute & little

  3. Target has definitely been killing it lately! I am loving these pieces!


  4. Such a helpful & thorough review! Love the striped ruffle top & the booties! So cute

  5. Target is so dangerous! I am such a sucker for all their deals!


  6. So many great pieces! I love the striped tops.


  7. I love that front tie shirt & those booties! How adorable :)

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  8. I am literally obsessed with this new brand at Target! I was just there today and bought some goodies!

  9. Thank you for sharing your honesty about this new brand. Target has been getting a lot better with their clothing lines. I can't wait to try Universal Thread for myself.



  10. I can't wait to check out this new line at Target! That top is so cute!

  11. I love the first top on you! So versatile and perfect for everyday!

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