09 May 2018

The 'IT' Shoes For Spring

Dry Goods top (similar here) | AG Legging Ankle Jeans | Rebecca Minkoff Candance Block Heel Sandal (pink color sold here) Cult Gaia Mini Ark Handbag ($40 version here)Karen Walker The Number One Sunglasses

This is a little throwback post from my Florida trip in March! I seriously had the best time and cannot wait to return. We went to Orlando for 3 days, Palm Beach for 2 days and Miami's South Beach for 3 days! My friend Kirsten I always travel with is moving to Orlando for about 6 months and I know I will have to make a trip down there to visit her. Anyways, this is an outfit I wore for dinner in Palm Beach to Pizza Alfresco for dinner and drinks at The Breakers Hotel.

I wanted to talk a little about these "It" shoes for spring. So, I bought these specifically for my trip because of how much they would go with so I wouldn't have to over pack. They have a low heel and are easy to walk in. They honestly are very comfortable and I wore them out to dinner almost every night and for drinks after, so about 4ish hours. The color is so pretty and it actually pairs really nicely with this cardigan that can also be seen in this post. So why these will be the "It" shoe for spring is they are comfortable, stylish and unique. They can easily be worn with white jeans, blue jeans, skirts, and dresses so they are very versatile. I know they are on the more expensive end of things, but to me, they are worth every penny.

If you are comfortable walking in 4inch+ heels, these are a great dupe and under $35. Honestly, if this pair came in a shorter heel height I would buy them in this color which is only $10. Let me know what you think the "It" shoe for spring is in the comments below!

07 May 2018

Easy Dress for Spring

Old Navy Sueded-Knit Moto Jacket for Women H&M dress with pleats, print sold out (same style here) | Universal Thread Women's Edwina Fashion Boots Karen Walker The Number One Sunglasses

How was everyone's weekend? Has anyone seen the show Southern Charm? I am seriously obsessed with it! I started it a couple weeks ago and have watched 5 seasons. I love Cameran's style on that show and the drama is just too good. Now that I am caught up to the current season I need a new trash tv show to watch, any suggestions? I heard the new season of Jersey Shore is worth watching. 

If you read last Friday's blog post, I did some shopping last week. I added everything I bought to the sidebar on the right under 'Recently Purchased' tab so you can shop them too! Some of the items are on really great sale, so give those a try! 

04 May 2018

My New Favorite Cardigan

Halogen Long Linen Blend Cardigan Who What Wear top, old (similar here)AG 'The Phoebe' Vintage High Rise Straight Leg Jeans A New Day Women's Didi Block Heel Mules Baublebar necklace, old (similar here) | Madewell tote, color sold out (same bag here, almost identical here) Karen Walker The Number One Sunglasses

If you couldn't already tell, I am obsessed with pinks for spring so when I found this cardigan, I was in love. This cardigan is not something I would usually buy. I never really wear cardigans and especially longer ones, but I am so glad I bought this one because I have gotten so much wear out of it. This is a nice lightweight linen material. It comes in a ton of other great colors and I have even thought about buying more because of how wonderful and versatile it is! 

Earlier this week I went to a mall that is about an hour from my house to do some shopping. This mall has just about every store and the stores that are close to my house are even bigger at this mall which is great so there are more options. I was able to find some great items for spring and summer and cannot wait to share! I actually found the perfect pair of white jeans and four pairs of shoes...ahh shopaholic problems! 

02 May 2018

My Holy Grail Beauty Product

This post has been compensated by Acorn Influence and Neutrogena. All opinions are mine alone. #WipeAwayYourDay #Neutrogena #Ad
I don't know about you, but I always like to try out and switch up my makeup products to make sure I am using the best products! When it comes to makeup remover, there is one product I
always come back to. That holy grail beauty product is the Neutrogena™ Cleansing Makeup
Remover Facial Wipes. I have used Neutrogena™ Cleansing Makeup Remover Facial Wipes
since I started wearing makeup back in middle school. I have tried the off-brand version of this
product before and it just didn't remove my makeup the same way and left my skin feeling like
rubber. I have also tried a makeup removing balm but I have found that this method took too
long. I would have to sit there scrubbing my face with this balm to make sure I was getting all
the makeup remover and then would have to shower to rinse it off because of how messy it
became. Time and time again I return to Neutrogena™ Cleansing Makeup Remover Facial
Wipes because it is ultra soft, removes stubborn makeup (even waterproof mascara), cleans
without leaving a residue and no need to rinse.

Usually when it is time for bed I am already super tired and know I have to take my makeup off.
Leaving your makeup on overnight can cause bacterial growth and damage to your skin, plus a
higher chance of breakouts! Sometimes this happens and my skin would look awful the next
day. With the Neutrogena™ Cleansing Makeup Remover Facial Wipes I know it takes about a
minute to remove my full face of makeup and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and smelling nice.
That is why I always make time for it! Have you tried Neutrogena™ Cleansing Makeup Remover
Facial Wipes before? I picked mine up at Walmart in the Skincare area. I have found that
Walmart has the most inexpensive price for this item, making it a product I love to stock up on!

28 March 2018

Palm Leaves and Pink

Old Navy Sueded-Knit Moto Jacket for Women Anthropologie tie-waist top (similar here)AG The Legging Ankle Restricted Shoes Pia Slides Madewell tote, old (similar here)Karen Walker The Number One Sunglasses | Photography by: Hannah Jean

Okay, so I cannot get enough of this jacket and I am so sorry about that. You will be seeing it in so many more blog posts to come because not only is it under $50, it adds the perfect pop of spring color to any look and adds an extra layer of warmth. If you want to see a review on this jacket, check out this blog post I did last summer here. So yes, it is officially spring but still chilly, so I am wearing lots of layers but am bring in fun items like these shoes (last worn here), the jacket mentioned above or a bag like this. I am still warm but look like it could be 60 degrees out (it's not, really it's 40 on a good day). With this all being said, this is the perfect time to bring some of those clothing items you wore in winter into your spring look. 

Has anyone been shopping Ulta's 21 days of beauty? They have been selling some of my favorite beauty brands at half off so I knew now was the time to stock up. With the sale being halfway done, is there any products you recommend my giving a try? Let me know in the comments below!

26 March 2018

Pastel Pinks

H&M Jacket with Gathered Sleeves H&M Trumpet-sleeve Blouse | Baublebar necklace (similar here)Kate Spade mini Maise bag (similar here)AG The Legging Ankle Old Navy Striped Block-Heel Sandals for Women Karen Walker The Number One Sunglasses | Photography by: Hannah Jean

Sometimes it is good to take a break. A couple of weeks ago I went to Flordia for a week-long vacation and it couldn't have come at a better time. I was able to relax and spend some quality time with my bestie Kirsten and do some exploring. I honestly love traveling but I am the worst at documenting it. I really wish I was able to take cute pictures in the perfect Instagram worth location in an outfit that matched to a T. But that isn't me. When I go on vacation I am bearly on my phone, the only time is usually to use the GPS or to Google good places to eat at and I love that. I have mentioned this back in this post, but if I didn't have my blog I wouldn't have any social media except Snapchat because I need to send those cute pictures of my dog to someone. With all this being said, I have been a little MIA. It always happens, I go on vacation and it takes me like two weeks to get back into the groove of things. I am just happy that the weather is changing so I feel motivated to go out and do something active. 

So yes, with the weather changing I can finally break out some cute spring clothes. If you read my post about affordable fashion, you'd know I have started to shop at some places I haven't shopped at a ton in the past. With H&M that was a store, I hadn't shopped at since early high school because I felt like it didn't fit my style. I went in there to find some good deals and now every time I head to the mall I stop in. Not only is their clothing affordable, it is unique and stylish. On my most recent trip I picked up this blazer that I was iffy about since the color is so bright, but the fit is amazing and I also found this top with the cute ruffle sleeves! The combo of the two are great paired together but they can be styled different ways which I love. In that affordable fashion post, I really want to start wearing my clothes in different ways to create multiple looks so I don't have to spend so much on clothing. Right now I am putting a lot towards savings (more about that in this post) so I haven't bought anything new since vacation except this pair of shoes that will get here tomorrow. Fingers crossed they fit because with this cold spring weather I don't know what shoes to wear. 

So that was a little update for you all. I will be having content on the blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday so be sure to check back to see new outfits. Please let me know in the comments below or via email if there are any blog post ideas you would like me to share. 


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