09 May 2016

The Go-To Tunic

So a couple of weeks ago I was shopping at J.Crew and found this adorable gingham tunic on clearance for 40% plus the student discount. I was so excited to wear it and it has quickly become grab and go tunic. When I was searching for the link to the tunic online I found out it actually is suppose to be a beach cover up... haha I could not believe it, I think that is so funny and would have never know. It is not see through like most cover ups are and it is a little thicker. I personally love this tunic regardless and for the price it was hard to resist! 

This weekend the weather was so nice and I was able to go outside for longer walks. The rest of my online Summer classes started as well, so I was already getting work done for those as well as getting organized. Hoping to be able to keep up with blog post this week but I can't make promises. I am working extra a work again this week so I will be super busy with that! 

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