05 February 2018

New Year: Where I've Been and What I'm Doing

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I feel like every new year I go MIA in the blogging and social media world in January. I always end up writing a blog post about where I've been and why I wasn't around. So now that it is February, I am finally writing that post, but this one is a little different.

I started out January with a cruise that was about a week long. When I got home from that it took me a little while (okay, a long time) to get back into the swing of things. I have been struggling with being self-motivated and getting my self to do things I need or have to do. I need to work out and tell myself I will, but never do. I tell myself I am going to do a blog post on Monday, and never do. I guess it has just been a weird time for me. My feelings towards Instagram and the whole reason I blog have been a struggle (blog post on this to come). My goals have changed and I want to do things differently, like not spend so much on clothing or time shopping but using that money to save and spending that time to connect with friends.

So I am going to try and plan my time and schedule better. I am also going to try and stick to my word, which means if I say I am going to the gym, I better be going to the gym. I don't know, I just need to stop being lazy I guess (winter always has me feeling this sort of way).

Some things you can expect from The Black Barcode is more affordable fashion, try on posts, reviews, and travel posts. I really want to write longer posts about things that I am passionate or interested in. I plan on writing blog posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and also want to focus on other social media platforms instead of just Instagram so be sure to follow along on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. I would love to know below in the comments some things you would be interested in seeing or reading.

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