16 August 2017

Bookworm: August Book Recommendations

Hello, everyone! I finally have another book review/recommendations post up! You can read my last book recommendation post here! I just got back from a quick relaxing vacation to a cabin on a lake that has no cell or internet service. I finally got a chance to sit down and binge read some books! Let me know if you have any recommendations on what I should read next in the comments below! 

GOOD AS GONEThis is a must read. A 13-year-old is kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night and the only witness is her younger sister. Her kidnap basically broke her family till one day a woman comes to the door claiming she is their missing daughter years later. The whole story you are trying to figure out the truth about who this girl is and why she is claiming to be their missing daughter. I really liked this book, it kept me interested and engaged the whole time. I did not see what was coming at the end of the book.
THE TWILIGHT WIFE: This one took me awhile to finish because of not having much time to actually sit down and read it all the way through, so it is a bit choppy for me. This was not my favorite, but I do think it was a good book to read, an easy short read. I did like the twist in the story and how it was kind of mystery, you questioning what might have happened. The story follows Kyra, a marine biologist that remembers nothing about the diving accident that has left her with a form of memory loss. She starts to piece together the last few years and realizes not all is what it seems. Kyra is racing to uncover her past and face the truth that has become a terrifying nightmare. Out of all the books, I am reviewing today, this one I feel like you could skip.
THE COUPLE NEXT DOORThis was an amazing book! I highly recommend this one. I swear every chapter I thought I knew who done it, but I was totally wrong. I love when a book has me guessing. Anne and Marco's babysitter cancels at the last minute when they have a dinner party next door. Marco talks Anne into leaving their six month Cora alone because they can bring along the baby monitor and check in on her at half hour intervals. When the two arrive home shortly after 1 am though Cora is nowhere to be found and the police are called in to investigate. As the investigation proceeds, it becomes increasingly clear that the kidnapping was orchestrated by someone close to the couple or the couple themselves, leading Anne to doubt herself. It was such a great read.
IN A DARK, DARK WOODThis book is one of those I started and didn't think I'd like. After reading the rave reviews on the cover of the book it said prepare to be scared, very scared. When I read a book that is supposed to be scary I never get scared or have nightmares, so I was skeptical at first. Once the book got going it was a quick read for me. After a bachelorette (Hen) party, Lenora wakes up in a hospital bed badly bruised and confused with a bandaged head and memory loss; and when she overhears a devastating police conversation outside her door, she begins to piece together the nightmare of a weekend that brought her there. Toward the end of the book, my heart was pounding to try and figure out what all had happened. 
ALL THE MISSING GIRLSThis one I had been wanting to read for awhile. Nic returns to her childhood home of Cooley Ridge 10 years after she left. She is there to clean up her father's house and put it on the market as the funds are needed to pay for his nursing home care. She left 10 years ago -- after her best friend's disappearance. The disappearance has never been solved. Now, a neighbor is missing. Nic knows someone has moved things around in the house... What happened 10 years ago and is it related to what has happened now? Are Nic's father and brother involved? What about Tyler, her high school boyfriend? I felt like the main character Nic was very similar to Gillian Flynn's Shape Objects. I thought this book was a very interesting, only thing I didn't like was that it went backward telling the story and I felt like it was confusing at times. 


  1. I can't wait to download these books to my Kindle today! I have been searching for a new book to read and all of these picks sound awesome!


  2. This is perfection! I'm needing some new reads!

  3. Ah I need a good book! These sound so good and like great reads!


  4. The Couple Next Door is so good! I have added Good as Gone to my list because it sounds suspenseful and a book I wouldn't want to put down.


  5. I've read almost all of these and agree! So good!

  6. I'm adding these to my reading this! I love to read in the evenings!

    April | www.thebluehydrangeas.com

  7. Ugh, I wish I had time to leisurely read!! I am adding these to my list, so when I'm on maternity leave, I can sit back and actually read!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I've heard good things about In a Dark, Dark Wood.. it's on my list!

    xo, Kristina

  9. we definitely have similar reading taste! I've read In the a Dark, Dark Wood and loved it, although definitely more of a daytime read. I really couldn't get into All the Missing Girls and found it hard to follow at times.

    Birdie Shoots



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