11 August 2017

Back to College with eBay: College Tech Essentials

With school back in session in a few weeks, I teamed up with eBay to share some college tech essentials. Success at college takes more than just a stack of notebooks and a pile of pencils. From laptops to cell phones, you need technology to succeed in today's world of higher educations. Find a phone on eBay and you have yourself an organizer, a calendar, and a way to call your parents. You can even set a reminder to call home in case it slips your mind. I put together a few college tech essentials below, check out eBay's college checklist here for even more college essentials. 
I could not survive without headphones in college. They are perfect for wearing well in the library, on the way to class, for working out or in your dorm room. I always like to watch Netflix on my laptop and wear these headphones so I am not disturbing my roommate. Plus these are wireless and are noise canceling. 

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 Media Streamer
I have been using the Amazon Dot for while now but just upgraded to the Google Home (see more below) media streamers are the new personal assistant. They can do everything for you, play music, tell you the weather, your schedule, seriously everything! Having a media streamer for back to school will help you stay organized and on track. 

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A laptop is something you for sure need in college. Everything can be done on this and the best part is it is portable. When I first started college I used to just take notes with paper and pen but now I take my laptop to class with me every day. It not only makes typing notes easy, it keeps me organized and I actually can read what I wrote haha! You will also be needing a laptop for doing group projects and turning in assignments. 

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Wireless Printer
Some schools actually give you a credit to print, but that means you have to go to the printing lab and if you don't live on campus that could be a problem. Having a wireless printer handy makes printing super easy and you can print things from your phone now too. This is a great tool to help decorate your room with photos or fun Pinterest finds and of course print papers for school! 

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why I love my Google Home:
I recently bought a Google Home and was a little worried about if I wouldn't get enough use out of it. After a week I cannot live with out it. It is honestly a great speaker to have, but on top of that, I can ask it what the weather is like in the morning, or how long it will take me to get to campus. I can set reminders and alarms all just by saying "Ok, Google". I bought mine off of eBay which sells 81% of all merchandise is new and 87% of items sold are Buy It Now so no bidding is necessary. I found this Google Home for $40 cheaper than buying it retail plus it was a buy now, so not waiting and it came with free shipping! You can find everything you need plus more on eBay.

This post is sponsored by eBay and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Black Barcode possible! 

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