17 July 2017

What is BBG + BBG Week 1-4 Updates

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I do a workout called BBG (Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines). Basically, BBG is pairing resistance and strength train workout with high-intensity intervals (HITT) and low-intensity steady states (LISS), these are the workouts you'll be doing throughout the week. The best part of BBG is you can workout from home without a gym membership and it cost less than having a personal trainer or an expensive class. You do need some equipment, but it won't cost you that much. I already had most of the things needed including a yoga mat and weights. For some of the exercised you need a bench to step up on, but I just use the stairs and it works perfectly. Quick tip, to find cheap equipment like medicine balls, yoga mats, weights, etc check out Marshalls or TJ Maxx, that is where I have found the best deals.

You can purchase BBG two ways, one way is to download the app and pay $14-20 a month (depending on what plan you sign up for) or you can buy the guidebook online and print it out for around $50. Both include the 12 weeks of workouts and 4 weeks of pre-training. I looked into getting the guidebook to save money but found the app was much easier and motivated me to actually work out. With the app, they set the timer for each exercise, show you how to do each move (plays a little video), and there is an easy next button to go to the next step. The other part is I can connect it to my Apple watch so I can quickly glance and see how many minutes are left, the calories I am burning. the move I am on, and my heart rate. BBG has 3 resistance workouts you have to complete each week, arms and abs, legs and full body workouts are included. Each workout is about 28 minutes, 7 minutes for each circuit with 4 workouts per circuit, the point to complete the circuit as many times as possible in 7 minutes. They list the number of reps per specific workout. Once you complete the first circuit you have a 30-second break and do circuit 2, this has different workouts. After that, you get a 30-second break and it is back to circuit 1 then 2 (you get the idea) and you finish off with a cool down. Each week gets more difficult and challenging, you can expect to do exercises like burpees, lunges, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, squats.

On top of the 3 resistant workouts a week you are supposed to do 3 LISS workouts which can be anything from walking to biking, things that are low intensity, you are supposed to do at least 30 minutes of this. You also have the option of doing a HITT workout, but you don't have to till week 9. Usually, HITT workouts are sprinting for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds, you do this on repeat for 10-15min. In addition, you have a challenge option and 2 rest day options as well. I highly recommend the app, it keeps you organized with what workouts you have done and overall makes things much easier.

Anyways, I wanted to kind of keep a personal log of my progress here to keep myself accountable and maybe motivate others. Each week I am going to share my schedule, feelings, things I ate, and possibly what I wore.

WEEK ONE: I got a late start to the week since Monday and Tuesday I was with my friends and knew I wouldn't have time to workout or eat healthily so I didn't start until Wednesday. The issue I am really struggling with is the eating healthy and holding myself accountable. I can eat healthily and keep track (I used the Lose It app (more on this later)) of what I ate till about 5 pm and then I completely go crazy and eat everything I shouldn't, so that is something I am really going to try and work on in the next couple of weeks. The workouts this week went really well, but I was super sore since it has been awhile since I have done a workout. In addition to starting BBG this week, I ordered a bunch of new workout clothing from Lululemon to help motivate me. Here is how this week looked like:

Monday- nothing
Tuesday- nothing
Wednesday- Resistant workout, legs
Thursday- LISS workout, I took my dog Chance for an hour long walk (a little more than 3 miles)
Friday- Resistant workout, arms & abs
Saturday- LISS work out, again I took Chance for an hour long walk (a little more than 3 miles)
Sunday- Resistant workout, full body, as well as a LISS, work out. This day I took Chance for a 5-mile hike.

WEEK TWO: This week was a little off because I couldn't get on a regular workout schedule like M-W-F. That was hard because I was overnight babysitting over the weekend so I knew I couldn't work out so I had to do all the workouts doubled and back to back. On Friday I was so sore, so this coming week (week 3) I plan to space out the resistant workouts every other day, same with LISS workouts. This week wasn't too bad, I think that the leg workouts are my favorite. I am still not eating healthy, but that is gonna change and I am really going to try and watch what I am putting into my body. I am keeping track (most days) of what I am eating via the Lose It app.

Monday- LISS work out, 1-hour walk with Chance (about 3 miles)
Tuesday- Rest day, I had to take a rest day since I had a wax and you aren't supposed to work out.
Wednesday- Resistant work out, legs
Thursday- Resistant work out, arms & abs, plus LISS work out. I took Chance for a walk (a little more than 3 miles)
Friday- Resistant work out, full body plus LISS work out. I took Chance for a walk (a little more than 3 miles)
Saturday- Went roller skating for 2.5 hours which should count as a LISS work out
Sunday- Rest day, I went swimming for a couple of hours

WEEK THREE: This week went by really quickly. I wanted to do the resistant workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but got messed up on Friday because I was so busy doing stuff. I went on a bike ride on Saturday (before eating Mexican food) and that went pretty well, I have a one speed cruiser bike which made it even harder and it was the first time I have rode a bike in forever! It is something I really am interested in doing more of to save money on gas, the environment and to get an extra workout in for the day. I am though going to need a new bike if I want to start riding more, do you have any suggestions??

Monday- Resistant workout, legs. Took the dog for a short 45min walk but did not count it towards my LISS work out.
Tuesday- 4th of July! I took a rest day.
Wednesday- LISS work out, took Chance for a walk (a little more than 3 miles)
Thursday- Resistant work out, arm & abs. Also went swimming for a little this day
Friday- LISS work out, I went on two 45-1 hour walks today with Chance, each was about 2.5 miles
Saturday- Rest day, I did go on a 20-minute bike ride
Sunday-LISS work out and Resistant work out- full body

WEEK FOUR: This week I wanted to start off with a resistant workout on Monday but was pretty sore from doing week 3's full body workout the day before. This week's leg resistant workout is the hardest I have had to do. I was really feeling it and wanted to stop, but I got great results burning over 350 calories on top of the 300 calories from my LISS work out. After that, it was all worth it. I have been doing a lot better with what I have been putting into my body, I do have my moments of weakness (aka ice cream) but I make sure to track it and get as many steps in for the day to make up for it. My plan is to stop eating out, not only to save money but to save me from eating unhealthy.

Monday: LISS work out. Took Chance for a short 35 min walk
Tuesday: Resistant workout, legs. Also did a LISS workout, about 3 miles
Wednesday: Rest day, that leg workout killed me
Thursday: Rest day? I didn't have time, but I did go to the #nsale so that meant lots of walking, carrying a ton of heavy bags and trying things on which should count for something right?
Friday: Resistant workout, arms & abs
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Resistant workout, full body. Also did a LISS workout, 35 min walk

Here is two outfits I wore for my workouts. I am going to try and snap more photos but I always forget! These cropped leggings I just got and am totally in love with! They are the perfect material, light weight and breathable for the hot days and have a side pockets that fit my phone! I don't want to take them off!

Chaser Chasing Moonlight Muscle Shirt Forever 21 Medium Impact - Sports Bra (under $10!)Lululemon Pace Rival Crop Nike Roshe Tennis Shoes (similar here and on sale!)Apple Watch Series 2
J.Crew Factory tank-old (similar here and on sale!) Forever 21 Medium Impact - Sports Bra (under $10!) | Lululemon Inspire Tight II Nike Roshe Tennis Shoes (similar here and on sale!) | Apple Watch Series 2


  1. I did BBG a few years ago and really liked how it transformed my body! It definitely shows you unique exercises that really help. Good luck!

    Lauren // www.mylifeaslaurr.com

  2. Love BBG! I started about 8 weeks ago and I am totally addicted.

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  3. I have never heard of this. I definitely need to find a regimen and stick to it!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  4. I've heard such great things about BBG but haven't tried it yet.
    xo, Laura

  5. Everyone I know is obsessed with BBG-- need to give it a whirl!

  6. oh wow i never heard of this! thanks for sharing!

  7. I did BBG 2 summers ago and it was amazing! I hope you're enjoying it!

    xx Mollie

  8. way to go girl! That is dedication right there!

  9. this workout plan sounds amazing! you go girl!


  10. I so want to try this! I keep hearing about BBG, so it must be amazing!


  11. I bought BBG a long time ago and keep putting it off bc my apartment is so small... ugh

  12. I absolutely appreciate doing yoga, because this is really necessary to get a good health and body. Also this gives peace of mind. You might get non slip yoga socks , which will help you to do more effectively.



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