12 October 2016

The 5 Jeans You Need This Season!

So today I thought I would share with you the 5 pair of jeans you need this season! I meant to have this post up in early September, but I wanted to try out all the denim and give an honest review. Most pairs listed are under $45! Let me know which style is your favorite in the comments below!

 Distressed Jeans:

Price: $45  Similar Options: hereherehere

FIT: I ordered a size 27 which is my normal size and they fit well, but are really tight. I feel like I should have sized up so they felt a little more comfortable. Also they were pretty long, I'm 5'5 for reference.

COMFORT: Out of all 5 pairs of jeans I am showing today, these are probably the most uncomfortable pair. They have little to no stretch to them so they aren't very easy to move around in. 

QUALITY: They are pretty good quality, but they didn't feel the part. 

STYLE: Distressed jeans are a must! I love the look of them and the bottom hem which is super popular right now. I don't own many lighter washed jeans so this was a nice addition to my jean collection I have, haha.

PRICE: I bought these from the Nordstrom Sale so at the time the $45 was worth is for a pair of denim, but I after having them for a little while now, I don't feel like they match they price, they should have been a little more affordable. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I don't think this pair is the pair you should get if you're searching for a pair of distressed jeans. Theses are tight and stiff. I love the look of them though and they are obviously popular since they are basically sold out at Nordstrom. I would suggest giving them a go, but my favorite pair of distressed jeans are this pair, they run true to size and are high waisted, plus only $30! 

Style Inspiration: hereherehere

Boyfriend Jeans:

Price: $40 Similar Options:  hereherehere

FIT: These run pretty true to size, although I probably could have sized down. They are suppose to ride low on your hips and give a unfitted, fitted look, if that makes sense. So if you want a more fitter pair size down from your regular size, but if you want a true pair of Boyfriend Jeans I would recommend ordering your regular size. 

COMFORT: These are very very comfortable. They obviously aren't tight which makes they easy to move around in and feel great! I'm constantly was grabbing this pair for weekend errands, movie nights and just to lounge around. I also love wearing these to school because they are more stylish than leggings but are just has comfortable. 

QUALITY: These are really made well, I love the fact that the distressing parts actually have patches behind them do you don't actually see any skin, it's a simple feature but adds a lot to a look. I have worn these literally at one point for 3 days in a row and they didn't look there shape of get stretch out.

STYLE: Boyfriend jeans are basically look the opposite from leggings but are secretly their twin. These are for the lazy gal that still wants to look like she put some effort into her outfit. The style my not be super popular but it is one you need to try out, you won't regret it. 

PRICE: I also bought these from the Nordstrom Sale after seeing them in the magazine and was so surprised with the overall fit and style for the price. These are such a steal and right now I think they are even cheaper! 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: These went above and beyond my expectations. I already owned one pair of Boyfriend Jeans but this pair is a must! If you don't like the distressed, patched up look they have some solid pairs that are the same style. These are a pair to try out for sure! 

Style Inspiration: herehereherehere

 Black Jeans:

Price: $40 Similar Options:  hereherehere

FIT: I bought these from the Nordstrom Sale and was able to actually try them in store. I was in between a size 27 and and a 28, both looked great, but I opted for the tighter fit of the 27, so I'd say they run pretty true to size. There is a littler stretch to them just so you know if you are trying to decide what size to get. 

COMFORT: I actually ended up wearing this pair again today and they are extreamly flattering, they honestly just suck my in and I feel great in them. I wore them all day and they are really comfortable, they don't fall down when you are sitting/standing like I was at school, and the distressing is is good places where is isn't really noticeable. 

QUALITY: This was my first pair of BP. Jeans and obviously aren't my last. The quality is well made and the denim feels expensive, these compare to a designer pair for sure. 

STYLE: I always buy a new pair of black jeans every year around Fall because they usually last a year before they are so faded from washing them that they need to get thrown out, thats how much I wear my black jeans. They go with everything and black is the color I grab for when it freezing cold and snowing out. Plus black jeans are easy to wear for a night out, date night or a semi casual event. My mom even wears hear black pair of skinny jeans to work! 

PRICE: Like I mentioned before, these compare to a designer pair and were worth more. I bought them at the sale for $40 when they retailed for $62. You can buy the exact pair without the distressing for $35 right now on sale! 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I am so glad I pick these up at the sale because they are worth the price, black jeans are a wardrobe essentials and I would say this is the second most worn style in my closet.

Style Inspiration: herehereherehere

 High-waisted flares:

Price: $30  Similar Options:  hereherehere 

FIT: These are in junior sizing so look at a size chart before ordering, but they do run true to size. I am usually a size 4/6 or 27 and a size 7 works perfectly! 

COMFORT: They are high waisted and are super flattering. They are pretty comfortable, but you can tell they are denim, they don't have much of a stretch to them, but they also don't feel that stiff. 

QUALITY: For the price they are the quality is high than I expected. They have kept there shape and the color has maintained, for $30 that is pretty great! 

STYLE: These are like every trend rolled into one pair of jeans. They are flared, have a flayed hem, high waisted, distressed and light washed! They seriously go with so much more than I expected. Also the length is perfect, I am 5'5 and wearing a 2-3inch heeled bootie with these are they don't drag on the ground which is nice because my Madewell pair is WAY to long and it's honestly very annoying. 

PRICE: I think I bought these on sale for $20 and they were worth every penny. I have never really been one for flare jeans, but they way this look with the distressing and frayed hem just really look cute paired with just a simple t-shirt, I am all for creating simple, easy outfits. 

OVERALL THOUGHTS: For the price, they are awesome if you are wanting to try out a new style. I am not sure if they will last for years, but they are fun and will spice up your currently wardrobe. 

Style Inspiration: herehereherehere

Dark Wash skinny jeans:

Price: $189  | Similar Options:  hereherehere | Under $40 Options: hereherehere

FIT: These fit trie to size, these are very stretchy so if you are in between sizes I would recommend sizing down. 

COMFORT: These are extreamly comfortable! They are my first pair of Hudson Jeans and will not be my last! They have an amazing stretch to them that would really surprise you, they are basically leggings and keep there shape all day long plus they are soft. 

QUALITY: For the price they meet the quality, they are well made and the material is great! The color has stayed the same after a couple of washes and I am very pleased with this pair of jeans.

STYLE: So if you don't already own a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, what are you waiting for! Dark wash jeans are super flattering on all body types and they go with everything, the dark wash is perfect for going into the cooler months and I swear about 90% of my jeans are dark washed skinny jeans so they are worth it! 

PRICE: Well this pair is pretty expensive, I would check eBay, Poshmark or a local consignment shop. If you prefer new, there is always Nordstrom Rack or check the sale section here

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I could probably wear these jeans every day if people wouldn't notice...So I highly recommend these jeans! They are so comfortable, so if you are a legging kind of person, these are the jeans for you! 

Style Inspiration: herehereherehere


  1. What a great post! They all look awesome on you but I think my favs are the flares and the dark skinnys!! I actually need more jeans! Thanks for the recommendations babe! Xo

  2. What a helpful post! My favorite to wear are the distressed and boyfriend denim. I have yet to try the flare look but might have to! xo

  3. I'm a black jean fanatic and love those ripped ones.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  4. Great post! I am obsessed with my distressed jeans as of late. Although pricey, the best pair I've found is the AG distressed from Nordies.


  5. I love that there are so many jean styles on trend right now. It seriously opens up the options! xo

  6. Love those boyfriend jeans! I love that looser, more comfortable denim is in style.

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  7. Totally agree, needing a new pair of boyfriend jeans!

    xx Sam |The Heart of the House

  8. Seriously such a great and helpful review!! I'm a size 27 normally as well so I totally soaked up all this info! I really love how you not only talked about sizing, but comfort and quality.


  9. I love those boyfriend jeans! These all fit you so well!

  10. Such a thorough review, love it! Just bought those black BP jeans today! Glad to see you're liking them!

  11. I just got a pair of black destroyed and I am so excited! These ae great picks!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins



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