19 April 2016

Blue Print

The past three days the weather has been incredible and I took full advantage. The flowers wear in full bloom, but I am sad to say they may not survive with the low temps for the rest of the week. I love the warmth and the sun, it just puts be in a better mood and I feel more productive. Plus I try to be outside as much as possible, walking the dogs, taking a hike or just doing my homework outside. Speaking of homework. I am so close to the finish line, last day of classes today! Than finals :(...

The shirt is from Chaser Brand and is super soft. I thought it paired well with my utility vest. I also would just like to apologize for this shirt in yesterday's post, it was extremely wrinkled and I didn't even notice. I have since gone out and gotten myself and steamers so there should not be any problems with this in the future. 

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