04 December 2015

Navy Plaid

Finally I got to wear my bean boots! My parents got them for my last christmas as a present but they were on backorder, so I didn't even get them till April and there was no more snow! So happy that I own a pair, I love them so much already! If you are interested in a pair, check out my bean boot post answering all the questions I had before I got a pair. 

Also, here is that monogram tassel I was talking about the other day, it works as a great keychain too! Cuyana is all about fewer, better things. For the holidays, that means fewer, better gifts. Special pieces that have meaning and are personalized, rather than countless things you don't want or need. This year Cuyana is ensuring that everyone gets exactly what they want from Cuyana through their hinting campaign. Hinting works in 3 ways:
Simple and quick! Some of the great pieces I've received were the Classic Leather Tote (seriously, everyone needs one of these! Huge and perfect for work or school!), Leather Cardholder, and a monogrammed Leather Bag Tassel. The nice thing is that Cuyana personalizes their products, so giving a gift can be even better! Need more ideas? Check out their gift shop

Happy Friday!

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