22 September 2015

Bean Boot Guide

Last year around Christmas the thing that was on everyones list were Bean Boots. I had been wanting a pair for awhile, ever since my sister got her pair. My parents bought me the classic 8" inch in brown and tan for Christmas. They didn't even show up to my house till April! So to avoid having to wait forever and to actually get to wear them in the snow, I recommend ordering them now! To help make the decision process easy for you, I have done some research and I have the inside scoop for you!

{Sizing}: After reading many reviews, Bean Boots run pretty large. Just like Hunter Boots you want to size down a whole size.  They will still fit your thick sock perfectly, so don't worry about that. If there is a L.L. Bean store near you, I recommend trying them on in store to find the perfect fit. I ordered mine in the medium width because I would say my feet are "normal", but they also offer them in narrow and wide, so if you know that is you, I recommend going that route.

{Height}: They do come in a wide arrange of heights but the popular ones are the 6" and 8" pairs. I personally went with the 8" because I like the way they looked on my legs and I wanted the extra height for the snow, but if you are shorter like my sister, try the 6" pair. They won't cut off your legs like the 8" pair would. 

{Warmth}: I always love wearing mine with a pair of classic wool socks, they are extremely warm and peak out of the top of the boots adding a cute touch. I just go the regular insulant, which keep me warm, but they also offer Thinsulate which keep you warm in 15 degree temps and the shearling-lined pair that keeps you warm in -5 degree temps. They do get more expensive with the different insulant so if you don't plan on being outside for 8+ hours in negative temps, just go with the regular.

{Waterproof}: Guess what? They are waterproof, how awesome is that, not only are they perfect for the snow, but they can be worn on rainy days too. They are a pretty versatile pair of boots. 

{Comfort}: They are more comfortable than they look. I could walk around campus all day and my feet feel fine, better than my Tory Burch Flats, but thats a different story. They also aren't heavy, like some boots can be.

{Color}: They don't offer as many colors as the Sperry duck boots, but the colors they offer are classic and neutral. Sometimes L.L.Bean comes out with limited addition colors. They had a red, white, and a navy pair last winter. I love the red pair but was to late, this year I am keeping an eye out for them. They also have a plaid pair.

{Are They Worth The Money?}: Bean Boots are not cheap, but they do last forever. They are hand-made in Maine and are made with great materials that will be durable in the worst of winter. If you are still worried about pulling the trigger, L.L.Bean guarantees all their products for life.

{Ways to Style Them}: There are many ways to style them, even though it's not even close to winter, here are a couple outfit ideas. They honestly go with everything!

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