23 December 2015

Alpine Buffalo Check + 5 Ways to Style Your Vera Bradley Scarf

I am not a huge scarf person, but I do love my blanket scarves and this Vera Bradley buffalo plaid scarf. I have been super obsessed with plaid this past month. The scarf is thin but super soft! I love that is gives off a edgy vibe but grabs attention with its vibrant colors! Vera Bradley offers this scarf in a ton of cute patterns. This one would be prefect in the spring with a pair of white jeans! If you aren't familiar with Vera Bradley, is a unique company, creating iconic designs and versatile styles that offer women a colorful way to accessorize.

There are a couple cool ways to tie the Vera Bradley scarf. I went with the loop look, but also would try styling this scarf just hanging down with a belt around my waist (if that makes sense). Here are 5 ways to style your scarf!

{Belted}: Place scarf on neck so the ends are hanging even, place belt around your waist.
{The Loop}: Fold in half, drape around your neck, pull long end through loop, tighten as desired.
{Single Wrap}: Drape around your neck, wrap one side around your neck, adjust sides as desired.
{Infinity}: Tie the two ends of the scarf together, place around neck, loop it around our neck once or twice.
{Fashion Knot}: Fold in half, drape around neck with loop on one side, take one end under and through the loop, pull second side over through the loop, tighten as desired.

In the colder months I usually wear a lot of black since everything is dead outside and I want to fit in with my surroundings...haha just kidding, but wearing black is super easy to pull off. I just bought these new booties which were on major sale, I've worn them a couple of times and must say, they are pretty comfy, plus I love the gold detailing!

I am headed off to work today,  I will have tomorrow off if I get everything done on time, so fingers crossed! Tonight I will probably watch the rest of season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. Did I mention that O started that series over? I watched it to probably season 5, but stopped. I am so glad I picked it up again from the beginning because it is such a good show!

This post is brought to you by Vera Bradley and Her Campus Media.

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