10 October 2015

Must Watch: Favorite Fall TV Shows 2015

I am not a big TV watcher because I would rather watch youtube or Netflix, but recently I have been watching some new shows when I have a break from school and work, here are a couple of my current Fall favorites.

{American Horror Story}: I have watched every season up until season 4 which was Freak Show. I just really could not get myself into it and only watched till episode 4, I do plan on watching it all but just not anytime soon. My favorite seasons so far would be the second season, Asylum, and the first which was Murder House. If you aren't familiar with the show each season is based on a different theme but with the same actor as before they just play different characters, and as the title says it is suppose to be a scary show. I only thought the first and second seasons were scary and I think the current season Hotel has potential. I am still trying to figure out what is planned for the season but I am already hooked, I love how well it is filmed and how much time is put into the making of the show.

{Scream Queens}: Is this from the same people who made American Horror Story except this is much funnier and lighter than AHS. It is pretty entertaining to watch and is about a sorority mystery and trying to find who the killer is. I love Emma Roberts in this, she does a great job! 

{The Walking Dead}: Okay so the new season isn't out till tomorrow but I know it will be one of those shows I keep up with because I have in the past. I recently watched the spinoff show called Fear The Walking Dead which was pretty good. This is another show that is really well done, everything is looks so real.

{Keeping Up With The Kardashians}:  Yes, I do keep up with the Kardashians. Oops, but it is pretty entertaining. I am not one of those people that waits till 8 on Sunday to watch is (is that bad that I know this??) but I do watch it on demand well scrolling through Instagram or online shopping.

Those are just a few of my current favorites, I am interested in watching the new show Fargo that is based off the movie. What are your Fall favorites? Anything I am missing out on? Let me know below! 

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