10 September 2015

DIY: How to Clean Hunter Rain Boots

Boots: Hunter

Hunter rain boots are my favorite. I love the fun colors and the fact that they just look so cute on. I wear mine all winter long and whenever there is a chance of rain! The pink pair I've had for 2 years now and the red pair is about a year old. I also just found a pair of burnt orange ones over the weekend, but they didn't make it in this post. Over all Hunter rain boots are the best quality and will last for years! Both of these pairs are the "glossy" kind so they eventually lose their original shine, here is a picture of the pink pair the day I got them. Hunters are made from real rubber, which goes through a process called "blooming" where the rubber expels certain particles, causing a white, powdering substance to appear on the surface of the boots (mine don't look to bad). This will happen over the course of wear, and as you can see on my red pair, there is some mud left over that needed to be cleaned up. To return your boots to the original state you can by the Hunter's boot cleaner or try out this super easy DIY! 

{Step 1}: Wipe down the boots with a damp soapy rag, make sure to get any dirt off now. Let them dry. If you do it on a sunny day it won't take long.

{Step 2}: Pour a little olive oil onto a dry rag (mine is from Whole Foods), and start rubbing the boots with your rag adding more olive oil as you need it (I used about 2 tablespoons in total). Make sure to wipe off any excess oil and let them dry. They won't feel oily once they are completely dry and they will look brand new! 

This DIY is super quick and easy, plus theres a good chance you already have olive oil in your kitchen. Now is a great time to get your Hunter's looking brand new before the weather changes. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below! 

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