22 July 2015

What To Wear To A Wedding + 4 Things You Should Never, Ever Wear To A Wedding

Outfit #1: Dress: Shabby Apple / Shoes: Betsey Johnson / Bag: Jane / Sunglasses:Ray-Ban // Outfit #2: Dress:Skye on the Town / Shoes: Betsey Johnson / Bag: Kate Spade / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

This weekend I am headed to Iowa to attend my Uncles wedding. I am excited to dress up and attend his big day! I put together two similar, but different looks, hopefully giving you an idea on what to wear to a wedding. Sometimes it is hard to know what to wear, but it can be fun, so don't stress about it! I have listed below four things you should never, ever wear to a wedding! 

1.{Black}: Try to stay away from the color black, it is boring and looks like you are headed somewhere other than a wedding, which is a time for celebration! If you do go with a black dress, try something with sequin, or something fit and flirty! You don't have to wear something as bright as I am, but something that is light and fun would be perfect.

2.{Something To Revealing}: There is nothing wrong with showing off a little leg, but a wedding is not the occasion for that. I think the perfect length would be this Skye on the Town dress, which is currently more that half off! The length hits the knees, showing off your cute shoes, and a little leg. 

3.{A Prom Dress}: I am sure we all want to relive our prom day (not) but try an stay clear of something that would get confused as a prom dress. Big, shiny and poofy dresses are a don't to any wedding. If you are going to a formal wedding, try the dress I wore in the first look. It is from Shabby Apple (also on sale!) and is perfect dress for a formal wedding. I love the color and detail throughout. It is a simple dress that won't scream "trying to hard".

4.{White}: Let's face it, it isn't your big day yet, so don't steal the show with a white dress. If you must wear something white, try going with something with a pattern or pop of color. I love the understated elegance of this kaleidoscope dress print. It is light, but super fun. You won't be confused with the bride!

Need more ideas? Shop some of my favorite picks below!

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