11 July 2015

Recent Purchases

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I haven't done a recent purchases post in so long! The last time was back in April. The sales have been crazy lately, especially with the 4th of July last weekend. As you can tell I kind of have a thing for navy...oops! Everything on this board was on extreme sale. The J.Crew New Balance sneakers were $20! The swim suit top has been worn so much, it is the perfect style, the straps come off, making it the perfect strapless swimsuit! I had some trouble with the bottoms, I ordered a size small (that's what the size chart recommended) but when I received them, they were really low cut and dug into my hips. So I reordered the medium hoping that would be a much better fit, even though it is better I'm not sure if they look good? I will take them with me on vacation and give them a go!

I also found the dress I am wearing to my uncles wedding at the end of the month. It was a little more on the pricey end of what I like to spend, but the fit and quality of the material made it worth the splurge. It is currently on sale plus an addition 40% off with the code 'SHOPNOW'.  I went shopping with my mom a couple weekends ago looking for a dress for her and we ended up getting finding her this beautiful pink colored dress that fits her perfectly! I decided my family is going to color coordinate to this wedding, navy and pink for the win! Photos to come!

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