16 February 2018

Save or Splurge: Springs Most Popular Items

SAVE: Espadrille Wedges // Straw Bag // Ark Bag // Taupe Bag // Taupe Booties // White Sandals //Black Sunglasses // Grey Slides
SPLURGE: Espadrille Wedges // Straw Bag // Ark Bag // Taupe Bag // Taupe Booties // White Sandals //Black Sunglasses // Grey Slides

How is it already Friday? This week has really flown by and am I excited to have the day off. I will be doing my BBG workout, take the pups for a walk, run errands and later grab dinner with my friends! Today's post is super fun for me to put together. It is a save or splurge, which is showing you exact look-alike of this springs most popular items. It's so crazy how much this espadrille that is only $79 which you could apply coupons too looks exactly like this espadrille that will cost you $190.

Personally, I own 6 of the look-alike items and am very pleased with them. Doing this, I am on trend but am saving thousands of dollars. One of my favorite items from above is this ark bag. I bought it earlier this year for my trip and did not expect it to be high quality because of the price. I was so wrong! This thing traveled so well and is really nicely made. Cannot believe anyone would spend the $160 the designer item because they have got to be the exact same thing. Are there any save or splurge items you have been loving lately?


  1. I want all of these shoes, love having affordable options too!
    xo, Syd

  2. love having good save and splurge options! Great pieces.

    xx Rebecca // The Crystal Press

  3. Love all these bags! They are so cute

  4. Great finds! So ready to bring my straw bags back this year!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco"

  5. You found so many great options for each of the styles! So many of them are almost identical!!

    xo, Laura

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