21 November 2017

5 Easy Ways to Layer Up a Dress to Keep Warm for Winter!

One of my favorite things, when I get a new dress in, is to figure out how many different ways I can wear it. I love dresses for Winter because of how easy they are to layer and really change up the look. They are great investment pieces and below I have listed 5 easy ways to layer up a dress to keep warm for Winter. Let me know what is your favorite way to layer a dress and keep extra warm with the cooler temps! (P.S look at the bottom to see what items I scored from the pre-Black Friday deals)

1. Add a jacket or vest: This is not only one of my favorite thing to change up the look of the dress, but it keeps me so toasty warm! Above I paired the dress with a vest. I highly recommend this option if it is already long sleeved and a sweater material so you stay warm. If your dress isn't sweater material (thick) then look at number 3 below to see how to change that! The other reason I love to pair vest over my dresses is that I have like 10 different vests (okay, okay, I have narrowed down my collection over the years and now have 5...maybe 6??) and I love the way it looks. For jackets, I am not talking about Winter coats (although that is a good option if you're going outside) more like light blazers, jeans jackets, utility jackets, so on and so forth. I love a good jean jacket especially in the Spring and Summer, but for Winter a blazer or utility jacket are my go tos.  If you have a solid color dress, this blazer would be perfect. If blazers aren't your style try this one that comes in a few colors! 
2. Pair it with tights or leggings: I have been buying a lot of different fun tights this season! Some are colored like this green pair or textured like this pair. This is a fun way to change up your look, but let's be honest, tights aren't going to keep you warm on a cold day. If you aren't going to be indoors most of the day try leggings. My favorite pair of leggings to wear under dresses and skirts is this pair! Now, I would never wear them on their own because I feel like they are a little see-through in the behind area but under dresses and skirts they are thick to provide you with some extra warmth! I own that pair in both navy and black, they are a great buy and super soft. 
3. Wear a long sleeve, turtleneck or short sleeve shirt under: Another super simple way to layer is by adding a shirt under your dress! I wore a turtleneck under this one here.  I recently wore that same dress just with a button down under. There are so many ways to do this, I could see a cute plaid shirt paired with the dress I am wearing above.
4. Wear a scarf: Another great option that can easily be taken off if you are indoors and get too hot. Blanket Scarves have been a popular trend for the last couple of years and it doesn't surprise me one bit. Who wouldn't want to be bundled up in basically a blanket all day? This is a great option if you are wearing a solid colored dress to spice up the look with a pattern. Vis-versa so if you are wearing a patterned dress to tone down the dress with a solid colored scarf. 
5. Add some cute socks (knee high or regular): Lastly, add a cute pair of socks to the look. I have been on the hunt for some really great knee high socks. I used to have some a few years ago, but have since missed placed them. This pair would be awesome to pair if you have tall boots on. Pair a fun patterned pair to just peak out of a pair of booties or try these thicker but so on trend pair

P.S: Well writing this blog post I got caught up online shopping and knew I had to share what I picked up! Everything is currently 40% off and free shipping over $100 with code THANKU. Click on the links to find out what I bought:
"Live a little" T-shirt- only $23 and will go with so much. Plus it is just a fun shirt to own! 
Cameron slim crop pant in tartan two-way stretch wool- this item is going really fast! Some sizes are already sold out so I am hoping I bought the right size. 
Velvet foldover clutch- can you guess what color I bought? Red...duh! So excited to have this because I currently only have black and cognac color bags. 
Perfect shirt with velvet bows- this doesn't have the best reviews but it is so cute! I ordered it to try out for myself especially with the 40% off you can't lose.
Peplum velvet skirt- another item I am excited to try out. Not sure about the fit of this or even the style, but the color is going to go with so much! 
Plaid ankle strap d'Orsay flats- last but defiantly not least are these amazing flats! If you are thinking about them you just need to buy them to try at home because they will be selling out so quickly! I bought my regular size but am kind of scared that I should have also bought the size down? Only $88 they are the perfect holiday shoe! 

I will be having some more of my purchases and a wish list up hopefully tomorrow to help you shop the sale easily! Let me know below some deals that I need to check out! 


  1. This totally reminds me of an outfit that I would put together. I'm crazy about that striped dress, especially! Too fun! I can't wait to see you style it again sometime with one of your other suggestions!

  2. What a fun outfit! I love the boots!


  3. This striped sweater dress is lovely! I love the camel and black combo!

  4. I may have to buy that dress after seeing you style it!

  5. This is so classy I love it for the holidays!

  6. That necklace looks great with that sweater dress!

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  7. these are great tips! love adding a vest!


  8. That handbag is so so great! Love the combination of colors!

  9. I always love a good layered look! So perfect for cooler temps

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