26 September 2016

Mustard and Burgundy

I have been trying so hard lately to get back to a regular posting schedule. For now I am just trying to get new posts up on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, but even that seems to be a little to much with all my school work and work work. It is a little disappointing not to be able to keep up posting 6 days a week like I was doing earlier this year. Hopefully I can make myself a schedule and stick to it. 

I finally had a chance to wear this very popular suede jacket that sold out in about 3 seconds earlier this month. It is finally restocked and worth every penny. It was a lot more than I wanted to spend, but the quality seriously is the same as a jacket that is $1000+ so I felt like it was a great investment piece and I don't have anything else like this already.  I am headed off to Best Buy today to see if I can get my hands on the new Apple Watch Series 2, wish me luck! 

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