26 January 2016

10,000 Emeralds

Forever 21 Contemporary Textured Crew Neck Sweater*on sale! Forever 21 Classic Tartan Plaid Shirt J Brand 811 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans Tory Burch boots-old (similar) | Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Square Tote  Niirva Coil Knot Necklace Ray-Ban Original Aviators

After many months of searching, I have found a new pair of riding boots! I am super picky when it comes to my riding boots because I want them to be able to hold up for year as well as not going out of style. This pair was my first pair of riding boots and I have had them for 5 years now, although I still really like them and wear them, they have started to slouch and thats just not a look I like very much anymore. I want something more structured, that when I found these! The boots I am wearing are the Tory Burch Amanda Riding Boots, I actually have wanted them since they first came out about 3 years ago, but never really jumped on it because of the price tag. Well fast forward to my riding boot hunt this past fall, I seriously looked everywhere for these, if I found a pair they were not my size, or closet to my size but were going double what the original price tag was.

So with my luck I found the black pair, new without a box at a consignment shop and was so excited because they were super inexpensive, new and my size (well a half size bigger, but thick socks people!)! Without a blink I bought them. Now just because I found those, of course I find the same one, actually in my size, and the color I wanted, a week later. Funny how it works like that. 

Tory Burch  has ton of great riding boots that are currently on sale. If you are looking for a pair similar to mine, check out these! Plus they are almost $200 off the original retail price! 

Happy Shopping! 

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