21 November 2015

My Hair Story

I have never really done anything with my hair regarding color until this year. I have always had dirty blonde hair, but the past June I decided I wanted to do something different, I wanted to change up my hair color. I knew I either wanted to go super blonde or try a cool orange to blonde ombre, and the ombre won. That was my first time having my hair dyed professionally and I loved the results! I had had a middle part growing up and when I hit high school I wanted to change it up, I got side bang, than straight across bangs (terrible idea), and than back to side bangs, so when I got my hair dyed I wanted to go back to the middle part. It is my natural part so it was so easy to work with. 

I am super lazy with my hair (as you probably can tell), I don't know many hairstyles and just started to curl my hair this year. So I needed something easy to work with. A couple Friday's ago I was sitting at work thinking that I really need to change up my look. The orange had faded, my roots were coming back strong and the ends of my hair were fried from my curling iron, I needed to do something. So I booked and appointment at the salon, asked my co-workers what hairstyles would look cute on me and I was off. I love the way my hair turned out, this time around I wanted my hair to be my new natural color, so this is the color my roots were growing back as. 

To let you in on a little secret, I never brush my hair. Growing up I hated having to deal with the tangles, so I just stopped. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes do, but thats only if it must be done. My hair is pretty straight and smooth so when it came to my hair routine it was very minimal. Air dye, not product, very natural. About a month ago I picked up the Goody Clean Radiance Brush at Walmart and added this brush into my daily routine. Not only is it super fancy looking with the cooper bristles, but it helps reduce natural buildup produced over time that causes your hair to look dull, less buildup in your hair will leave your hair looking healthier and more radiant. I am loving the results, it is super easy for a lazy gal like me, plus no more pain with tangles, the flexible cushion pad on the brush adds comfort well brushing. You can buy the Goody Clean Radiance Brush at Walmart for less than $15! 

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