20 November 2015

Mixed Plaid

Shirt: The Stock Place | Vest: J.Crew | Jeans: Paige | Boots: Hunter | Fur: Royal Scout and Co. (use code 'royalblackbarcode' for 15% off) | Necklace: Saressa Designs | Sunglasses: Burberry (get a month free with code 'THEBLACKBARCODE')

Let me start by saying my shirt and boots were the same color inside my house. Now one looks orangish and the other contrast with the blue making it a dark reddish color. Oops... Anyways, lets just pretend they match perfectly, as they were suppose to be. I added some texture to this look by adding these boot cuffs from Royal Scout and Co. that will be perfect to wear in the winter time. They are really easy to throw on can look great with riding boots or booties. If you would like a 15% off coupon to try a pair, use the code 'royalblackbarcode' and let me know what you think! 

I went to the doctors yesterday for just a check up and for the flu shot, which was not fun because I am not a huge fan of needles. But I did go see the Hunger Games part 2 last night at the movies and it was really good. I saw it in imax, I would recommend see it! Also my package for my new booties came yesterday, they are so beautiful in person, but a little tight with socks on so I have to exchange sizes. I had doing that because now I have to wait another week before I get to wear them! If you do decide to buy a pair, go a half size up, it will save you some time! 

Happy Friday! 

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