21 October 2015

Trend Alert: Over The Knee Boots

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One of the biggest trends this Fall is the OTK (over the knee) boot. They can be found just about anywhere! Last year I found my favorite pair of low heeled boots in the classic black and also an army green. They were worn almost everyday in the winter because you could easily wear leggings and still be warm and look put together. This year I opted to try a pair with a higher heel, they are currently in the mail so I am so excited to try them out! They look more like a riding boot, and the color is just amazing!

The pair I already own don't go completely over the knee, just the knee cap if that makes sense, so they are easy to walk in and bend you knees when you are sitting. There are a lot of options out there right now and if you aren't sure if OTK boots are for you, try out a cheaper pair from Forever 21 and see if they are something you'd wear, then invest in a nicer pair. This style will be around for a while, it has turned into a staple piece in the fashion world. Plus they look so good with skirts and dresses, no need for tights in the winter, and they make your favorite pair of leggings cute well staying comfy!

Let me know if you have a pair or if you are gonna try out this trend!

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  1. I am seeing these everywhere and I desperately want a pair! I love the look!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch



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