03 September 2015

Blue & White Colorblock

Dress: Style Gather | Bag: Hayden-Harnett (reversible) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Old (similar) | Sandals: Kohls (similar) | Jacket: J.Crew

Today is my Friday because I'm taking tomorrow off the get ready for back to school. I am also going to look at apartments with my momma tomorrow and probably run a ton of errands (#shoppingspree?). I have been keeping it pretty casual lately, but am loving this dress that is perfect if you aren't sure what to wear on the first day. I am really excited to finally break out my Fall stuff and reorganize my closet! But in the meantime, keep cool!


  1. Hi, I ordered a skirt on Style Gather and it has been two weeks and it has not arrived and the tracking number i was provided does not work and no one is responding to my emails regarding the tracking number. I saw you got this dress from Style Gather and wanted to know if you had similar issues with shipping/communicating with them?


    1. Hello!

      So sorry you have to deal with that! When I ordered this dress I had no problems and it was shipped to my house within a week. Again, sorry I couldn't be more help! Hope you get it all figured out and you receive your skirt :)

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