04 August 2015

How to Dress for Your Internship + 5 Tips

Outfit #1: Cardigan: Bob Mackie / Top: Old Navy / Pants: J.Crew (similar) / Shoes: Madden Girl / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  // Outfit #2: Top: Bob Mackie / Glasses: Polette / Skirt: J.Crew / Shoes: Steve Madden / Bag: Kate Spade (similar) / Bracelets: Kate Spade 

Yay, you got your dream internship, now what do you wear? That probably is one of the top questions people ask themselves when starting any new job, or internship. Is the place you are working going to be dressier or casual? Will you be on your feet all day or just sitting around? These questions will definitely help narrow down what you should wear. I picked two looks that fit my style that I have worn to the office this summer! I have listed below 5 tips on how to master an internship wardrobe.

1.{Consider the Industry}: As mentioned before, you want to know the environment you will be working in before hand. If you work in an Realestate office like I do, you want to cover up a bit and stick to a strict dress code. Longer skirts and higher necklines. The nice thing about my office, I can still show off my style by wearing bright colors. Note that not all places will be like this, if you are working for a lawyer, they may require you to wear darker colored suits everyday.  But if you are working in a creative industry, you may have more freedom to wear what you please. 

2.{Comfortable Shoes}: Obviously if you are going to be on your feet all day I would recommend wearing a comfortable pair of flats, or a lower heeled shoe. That will keep you and your feet happy all day. If you do want to dress up with a cute pair of heels, try and keep the height below three inches (that's what I feel is most comfortable) they are still easy to walk in and you won't be tripping around the office. I would also try a wedge or a thicker heel, that will be more comfortable for an all day wear! 

3.{Show Off Your Style}: What you wear is a way to show off your personality in a different way. I love bright colors and bold prints. This cardigan is a great piece to have, it fits most dress codes and the colors are easy to match with what you probably already own, plus it is a ready-to-wear masterpiece. If you don't like dressing as bright, try this polka dot blouse. It is a piece that can be mixed and matched, perfect under a blazer! 

4.{Invest in Accessories}: A nice watch is must! I think watches are professional, and you always need to know the time for deadlines or meetings. You won't always have a chance to look at your phone to check. Another accessory worth investing in? A versatile bag! You will have it with you everyday, and will most likely be what you store all your stuff in for the day, so it will get a ton of use! Plus it is a great excuse to buy a new bag. 

5.{Killer Glasses}: Most internships you will be working on a computer all day. Glasses are another way to look professional, and of course to see better, but if you don't wear glasses and are sitting behind a computer all day it can actually be damaging to your eyes. I love this new technology from Polette, their e-polette are glasses that have lenses with a filter that protects your eyes from excessive blue light emanating from digital screens. On average our generation uses computers and watches television for 8 hours per day and since the introduction of the smart phone we are now checking our phones 150 times a day. The blue light coming from your computer screen, tablet, cell phone and the fact that we use them each and every day makes it easy to understand that our eyes and heads are suffering! I am wearing the style e-rubis, they are pretty stylish to wear and totally make me feel like Jenna Lyons. 

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