25 August 2015

Fall Staples: The InVESTment

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I have a slight obsession with these excursion vests! I started off just buying the Old Navy vest (only $35 and also comes in different patterns!) because I didn't know if it would get any wear, it was a vest and those weren't really popular 2 years ago. But I was wrong, I feel madly in love with pairing vests with everything! That is when I made the big inVESTment and bought the classic herringbone (now in a gray color, currently 40% off) from J.Crew. The quality and the fact that I wore it about every single day made the splurge worth it! It is super warm and a perfect layering piece. J.Crew Factory  offers a ton of great colors like this gray vest I am currently trying to convince myself I don't need (but I really do!). Also J.crew and J.crew Factory excursion vest are pretty similar, they seem to be made from similar materials and are both super warm, the only different I have noticed is cosmetic, the front pockets are usually different styles. 

All outerwear at J.Crew Factory is 40% off, so now is the time to buy! It is worth it so if you are on the fence and trying to decide whether or not you're a "vest" person, start with Old Navy and give one of those a go. If you already own a Old Navy vest try the J.Crew excursion vest (size down) in a fun color or pattern. Let me know in the comments what your all time favorite vest is to wear in Fall!

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