08 July 2015

Weekend Recap: 4th of July Wisconsin Trip

Day One:
Top: J.Crew / Shorts: J.Crew / Shoes: J.Crew / Sunglasses: Ditto (get a free pair here)

As you may have known, I took a mini vacation over the 4th of July to visit my Aunt and Uncle at their home in Wisconsin. My sister, her two friends and I thought it would be a good time to get away without taking any days off of work. My Aunt and Uncle live on a lake which is always an added bonus! We left Thursday afternoon, I went to work in the morning to get some extra hours in. It is about an 9 hour trip from my place to theirs, and there is an hour time change. We got there pretty late, and after driving 6 of those hours I was exhausted, so it was off to bed after that. These shorts were perfect for the drive since they are super comfortable! 
Day Two:

 Top: J.Crew / Shorts: J.Crew / Hat: J.Crew / Necklace: Moon & Lola / Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Friday was our first full day there. My Aunt and Uncle have the cutest dog Daisy (which you'll be seeing a lot of) and 3 cats. That morning they made us pancakes, I of course had to have chocolate chips (my fav!). After breakfast it was straight to the lake! We had the best weather when we were there, sunny and hot! I skied for the first time in 3 years and got up on the first try! I love waterskiing, wake boarding, and tubing, but man is it exhausting! After everyone one got a turn we headed back to the house and got the kayaks out. I just paddled around the lake for a little till dinner. 

After dinner we headed to the back yard for some "lawn sports" and my sister friends call it. We played croquet, and it was the first time I actually played. I used to always play with my grandparents set in the summer but always make up my own rules. I actually really enjoyed playing, very relaxing after a long day. When it was finally dark we headed onto the boat to watch some fireworks. 
Day Three:
Top: The Initialed Life / Shorts: Krass and Co. / Sunglasses: Fantaseyes / Shoes: Nike

Top: J.Crew / Bottoms: J.Crew / Sunglasses: Fantaseyes

Outfit details here

Yet another busy day. My Aunt and Uncle made a delicious blueberry french toast casserole! We enjoyed breakfast outside in the sun. After we headed to the biking trails for some Mountain biking. Again, this was my first time actually Mountain biking, which turned out being really fun as well, and I want to continue by finding trails near my house.  We were biking for an hour in the hot sun, even though it was beyond exhausting, and I almost fell off twice, the reward of swimming in the lake after was worth it! 

When we got back to the house I of course had to fuel up with some ice cream (obviously), and headed straight for the lake! We spent a good 3 hours just floating around in tubes. We headed back in for dinner and prepared ourselves for another round of lawn sports. This time it was super serious, no more mister nice guy. We play two different versions, which was super fun! Later we had a bonfire and played with sparklers.
Day Four: 

After a super short trip it was time to head home I wore a J.Crew top, DL1961 jeans, and Old Navy flip flops (sorry no photo to show you). On the way back we stopped at Crackle Barrel, which was the worst service I have ever experienced and it actually added 2 hours on to our trip home. 

We finally made it home after a wonderful trip. Thank you again Kim and Jerry for having me over, can't wait to come back! 

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