25 June 2015

Military Chic

What I Wore: Sunglasses: Fantaseyes / Top: J.Crew / Pants: Zara (similar) / Shoes: Forever 21 / Bag: Windsor (similar) / Bracelets: Kate Spade

I finally got my hands on these espadrilles I was lusting over back here! After about of month of being on a waitlist, then having them sold out right before I bought a pair, to back on the wait list, I'm glad to call them mine! I bought them for $20 (on sale currently for $14), they are a really nicely made sandal and it's surprising because I didn't pay very much. I am totally in love with these Vince pair, which are almost identical, but I just couldn't drop $300 on a pair of sandals (even though the red pair is testing that theory!) 

I also have been obsessing over my new sunglasses from Fantaseyes. I love the cream color (also in black) and frame shape. Probably mentioned in a post in the past, but Fantaseye's sunglasses are really affordable, making finding the perfect pair, or three easy! Speaking of three...I bought this J.Crew shirt in three colors. I love the style and couldn't resist the price! 


  1. What a cute outfit!! And you can't go wrong with $14 shoes!! Thanks for sharing Madeline, have a great day:)




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