02 May 2015

Lilly Pulitzer X Target Finds

A couple of Sunday's ago Lilly Pulitzer for Target arrived. That morning I decided I head over to my closest Target and look around, I really did think I would be able to pick up everything on my wish list. Before I headed to the store I checked online first. I found those wedge sandal in my size, and I got super excited, to later find (5 seconds later) that they couldn't be added to my cart. That was honestly a major let down, plus everything else was sold out and it was only 8:30am. I looked at some of the shift dresses and found out they were at my local Target using the "find in store" button.

When I got to the first target everything but the pink shorts above were gone. They were a size large and I knew they would be a little big but I bought them anyways. When I headed to the next Target the only thing left was the nail polish (I love Essie polishes!) and a jumpsuit  (pic above) in a size xxl. I tried it on just in case it could have been altered...nope. Bummed out, I headed home just in time for all the commotion of Instagrammers freaking out over the current sold out conditions and people selling things on eBay for a lot more than they bought it for. I was just happy I got a pair of short. When I tried them on it turned out they were a children large. UGH! 

I was really disappointed with the whole situation for a couple of days till I saw someone post on Instagram saying they had found a ton more Lilly at Target. Naturally I headed over to see if I could find anything. Lucky me I did! I found the pink shift dress (size 16), children's jumper (size xl) and white eyelet shorts (size xl). I am currently getting the shift dress altered and absolutely love the color in person! The jumper did fit but was a little short so I sold it to an Instagram friend. The short which were on my wish list were just to big and had to be taken back.

Overall I think Target should have been more prepared for these crazy Lilly girls. But maybe this will inspire another collaboration? Who knows! 

What Lilly did you find at Target?

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